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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Circle Lens | Geo Mari Gold Gray Review

I love circle lenses. To me, circle lenses and makeup go hand in hand and I don't think I can ever live (happily [yes, putting in lenses and putting on makeup makes me happy]) without either of these in my life. 

I think I started wearing circle lenses about the same time that I started wearing makeup, which is when I was around 17 years old if I remember correctly. I started off by wearing daily disposable ones but that became way too expensive in the long run. I then started exploring other options and I have since tried many 6-month or yearly lenses. 

I prefer circle lenses that are towards the natural end of the spectrum. I like ones that look natural but still give subtle enlargement and definition. Also, I am not too fond of lenses that make me look like this--> O.O 

I recently tried out the Geo Mari Gold Gray (or grey, my Mac laptop doesn't like it when I type grey even though I already specify that I use Australian spelling). IT IS PERFECT!!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Chanel L'ete Papillon de Chanel Collection for Summer 2013 | Inimitable Waterproof Mascara (47), Stylo Eyeshadow (47 & 57), Rouge Coco Shine (467) & Le Vernis Nail Colour (647, 657 & 667) Review

With fall/autumn items slowly making its way into stores, I can't help but to admit that summer (for those in the Northern Hemisphere) is coming to an end. Although I live in a tropical country which means it's summer all year round, I too am excited for the arrival of summer because it means that the clothes and makeup are designed to be suited for the hotter climates. A very superficial reason I know but I am sure if you are reading a beauty blog, you will most likely understand. 

Although I tend to prefer summer makeup releases, I was not particularly drawn to many summer collections released this year. I have blogged about pieces from the Dior Bird of Paradise Collection (LINK) and 2 items from YSL summer 2013 Collection (LINK). After this post, I will review the Shu Uemura Eyeconic Collection for Summer 2013 and that will be the end of my Summer 2013 makeup collections coverage. 

Chit chat done. Let's take a look at Chanel L'ete Papillon de Chanel Collection for Summer 2013. 

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