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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Winter in Japan Part 4: Food and Snow in Hokkaido

Hi everyone. I am still here *waves*!! So sorry that I disappeared for so long. For those of you who don't already know, I recently moved from Australia to Malaysia and I spent most of my last days in Melbourne packing, cleaning, partying and catching up with friends, hence my temporary disappearance from blogland. 

To be honest I am just happy to make it back here in one piece being so late to the airport coupled with my vastly overweight luggage. 

Most of my things are still in disarray so I thought I shall continue with part 4 of my trip to Japan earlier in the year. You can see part 1 HERE, part 2 HERE and part 3 HERE

The first thing that caught my eye in Hokkaido at the airport was the sora-ben (bento/lunch boxes you can find at the airports. The ones in train stations are called eki-ben which are station lunch boxes). Ikura (salmon roe), uni (sea urchin) and crab meat are 3 of my most loved seafood on earth and when I saw one bento that houses all three on a bed of lovely japanese rice, I had to get it!!!

BEST LUNCH BOX EVER. I loved it~~ it was a lunch box but i had it for brekkie.. breakfast box?

We then went to the Ramen street in Sapporo for lunch. It's apparently a very famous attraction in the area!! We randomly picked a restaurant and it was superb.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Proud Mary Brunch

Hi dearies!! Sorry I haven't posted anything in so long. I am currently in the process of moving (countries) and the amount of work that cleaning and packing requires have sucked up every little bit of my time to the point that I don't even get to sleep.

But I took a break from the tedious chores one lovely afternoon and went out to have brunch with a few of my girl friends (I am certainly not a morning person at all and thus more often than not I only have one meal a day at dinner time). But I would set my alarm and wake up early for the amazing coffee and delicious food in lovely little cafes like this one anytime. 

I brought a little friend with me~~
"What should I order??"

"I know I know!! I have decided~~"

Thursday, August 11, 2011

DIY Suspender Leggings

Hi everyone!! Today I have a little amateurish DIY project to share with you guys. 

The story goes: I saw this pair of leggings that I really liked on, which looks like THIS. But I didn't have the money to justify spending 70 over dollars on a pair of leggings at the time (because I am always broke and I always have a gazillion and one things that I really want to buy). I always went onto the website to look at it, mentally compose lots of different outfits that I could wear it with and imagining how happy my life would be if I were to have that pair of leggings. 

Until one day.....

I checked the site again and it showed the two words that online window-shopping addict dread most, "SOLD OUT". Do you guys understand that feeling? When you suddenly realize how badly you wanted something only at that moment when you do not have the possibility of getting it anymore, when you have lost it... (ok, it might sound a bit dramatic but oh wells)

At that moment I realized I REALLY REALLY wanted them, so I tried looking everywhere online to see if I can buy it elsewhere. But apparently not many online shops store that brand (it was by an Australia brand called Evil Twin, for those who are curious), and the leggings were already sold out on those that did.

I was ready to give up until I read THIS POST by Lid Off a Daffodil. I was so inspired by her that I decided that if she could make something that seems so difficult and impossible to make, I could perhaps make a pair of leggings myself. And so I did!!! And I really liked how it turned out so I am going to share how I made it on here so that maybe I could inspire someone else like how Lid Off a Daffodil inspired me. 

Here are the instructions on how it's made~~

STEP 1. You need to go out and buy a pair of normal footless leggings, and the key here is the material. You need a pair of leggings that are of cotton (like a thick cotton cloth) type material. If you do not get the right leggings (ie, the kind that are more typical for tights, that varies in opacity?), it is going to fall apart when you cut it.

STEP 2. Put on the leggings and mark the approximate position of where you want to cut-out parts to be (I wanted mine around the middle of my thigh). I used a dressmaking pencil that came with a cheap sewing kit.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

pink on pink

Hi everyone 

I am back with another makeup look post. I wore this look to a pink party I went to several weeks ago and I really liked how it looked in pictures. But since I did not have any decent photos (nothing blog-worthy really since I only brought my old crappy compact digital camera), I decided to recreate the look for this blog post (yeap.. I do like this look a lot). 
and these are everything you will need... minus my NARS Angelika lipgloss.

Are you ready??

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Winter in Japan Part 3: Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disneysea

Hi everyone   I am back for the third installment of my Japan trip with this post featuring the happiest place on earth (well.. at least for me it is).

Disneyland and Disneysea 

Even till this day, I am in love with EVERYTHING Disney. I have at least 2 pieces of Disney Merchandise on me at all times, I have quite a healthy collection of Mickey clothing, and 4 out of 5 of my all time favourite movies are from Disney.

So... evidently the Disney Resort part of the trip was the most anticipated itinerary for me, and it was nothing short of amazing!!! We spent two days at the Tokyo Disney Resort and spent a night at the Disney Resort Hotel, which I think was the best hotel that I have stayed in in my entire life!!!

My brother was the designated photographer of the day but I haven't gotten the photos off him till this day (6 months after the trip). So... we will just have to make do with my random photos here and there. I had a not-so-good camera back then.

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