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Thursday, August 26, 2010

2 weeks in Beijing: part 2 featuring local cuisines

It's my day off today and I wanted to go to the gym and chill for the day.. but I was woken by the worst stomach pain this morning T^T I have been having frequent gastric pain since a long time ago but i have never bothered to go see the doctor about it. I guess i have accepted it to be something normal for me. But today's pain was unbearable, so my brother and his girlfriend had to take me to the doctor.

It turned out to be a gastro-oesophageal reflux.. hopefully the medicine will help. The doctor also recommended that i do a gastroscopy.. *sigh* I feel like a cold is oncoming as well.. How depressing? I also have to start doing an assignment that is due next tuesday.. pfffffff

anyways, since i am at home and trying to get some rest, i thought i would upload part 2 of the 2 weeks in beijing photos, which are all the nice yummy food that i have had in the 2 weeks that i was there. 

First, it's a taiwanese (i think)? tea house called 一茶一座.. which translates to one tea one seat.. we went back there quite a few times.. there is just something comforting and safe about a chain restaurant instead of the small local restaurants. afterall, i am a tourist.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

2 weeks in Beijing (part 1)

Hi to whoever is still reading my blog~~ Sorry for not posting an update for so long. I have been rather busy, broke and thus do not have the mood/ money (for films) to take photos. I was initially going to do another post with some photos of dancers that I took a while back, but i feel like doing a post featuring something more recent first. 

So, during this winter break, I was part of the 19 students that participated in Melbourne Uni's Global Business Practicum subject. This means----> I was living in Beijing for 2 weeks working on a study project for a company. I enjoyed the food, and sightseeing, the shopping to a certain extent~~ but not so much for the weather and culture shock. But all in all, I had heaps of fun and enjoyed the trip so so much.

Can you guess where I was?

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